The world  of Ancient  Mayas in  virtual reality


Virtual reality by Chichcalan


The ancient Maya began to build vast cities in northern Guatemala during the first millennium B.C., mastering a harsh tropical environment with shallow soils and annual cycles of deluge and drought. These cities were the foundation of what would be the greatest civilization of the ancient New World. By. A.D. 700 their towering pyramids and dramatic public monuments could be seen at tens of Maya cities, across what is now Honduras, Belize, southern Mexico and Guatemala. One of the distinguishing characteristics of ancient Maya civilization is its hieroglyphic script. Alone among New World writing systems, Maya hieroglyphs faithfully reflect spoken language and reproduce its vocabulary, syntax and grammar. The script is a “mixed system” that combines signs for whole words, syllables and pure vowels. At any one time as many as 500 individual signs were in common use.

Take a look at the models of the Mayan Cities in 3d reality

 Mayan Cities in 3d reality of VRML World
  Mayan Cities in 3d reality of Adobe Atmosphere