Chichen Itza- Pyramid of Kukulkan


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The sacred city of the Itza, is located 75 miles east of Merida, the Capital of the State of Yucatan, Mexico. This archaeological site is rated among the most important of the Maya culture and covers an area of approximately six square miles where hundreds of buildings once stood.
In its architecture one can observe a gradual change in style, starting with the Puuc style, also shared with Uxmal and other sites and culminating with the so-called Mayan Toltec style, due to the architectural similarities with Tula, capital of the Ancient Toltecs, and with other sites in Central Mexico.

 The Castillo at Chichen Itza is the dominant structure of the site. It shows Mexica influence and is from the late period. It is one of several constructions that show astronomical alignment. The pyramid is built over an earlier pyramid. A passage way leads up into the main room of the older temple. Inside is a Chac Mul and a jaguar throne.

Some believe that the Toltecs(Tula -around the years 968-1168 A.D) invaded the Itza at Chichen and forced their architecture and belief system on them. It appears archeological evidence does not support this opinion .The Great Ball court is located in the "New" or "Toltec" section of the city, yet the inscripted dedication date (November 18th, 864) well inside the Maya time for the city yet located in the Toltec "section". In fact most of the readable inscriptions in any major structure within Chichén are dated prior to 1000 AD


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Castilo - Pyramid of  Kukulkan

Shrine inside the Pyramid

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