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The site of Uaxactun was located in the northeast corner of Peten, Guatemala, part of the Mayan Lowlands. Uaxactun was a major Mayan city situated about twelve miles north of another important Mayan site, Tikal.
   The Early Development Period began sometime in the second millennium BC. and lasted until about 100 AD. During this time the residents of Uaxactun lived in wood huts.
     The Late Development Period ended before the beginning of the fourth century AD. During this time stone and mortar masonry was used and structures were built around level squares and plazas.
   This time were built a lot of ceremonial buildings.The most impressive of these is Structure E-VIIsub. It is a truncated pyramid with stairways on four sides that are flanked by huge masks that are covered with stucco. This structure was the focal point for the plaza with three Temples aligned along its eastern edge. Together these structures were used for astronomical studies. The equinox and solstice were accurately determined by sighting the sunrise from the eastern stairway of Structure one of the three pyramids to the east.
    The Classic Period at Uaxactun lasted from 280 AD to 890 AD During this period many new structures were built along with more plazas and terraces. The Pyramid E7sub. was coverd by bigger building E-VII.
    In the end, construction ceased and eventually the jungle consumed the city.


The Street plan of group E

The Temples E-I,E-II,E-III     The Pyramid E-VII sub

Street plan of the group E
Classic period  (8th. century A.D.)

The group Esub.  Late preclassic period
 (1st. century A.D.)

Lines of sunrise

Ruins of the Temples E1 E2 E3           Ruins of the Pyramid E7sub


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Positions of the Rising Sun at Group E sub
in the first century A.D.

Rising Sun above the platform E-east sub.

Positions of the Rising Sun at Group E
in the eighth centuryA.D.

Rising Sun above the platform E-east

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Group E of Uaxactun - Reconstruction

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