The ancient Maya site of Bonampak is Located within the deep tropical rainforest of Chiapas, Mexico

Although Bonampak's peak  occurs in the Late Classic period ,  it was  probably already importantduring the Early Classic period (200-600 A.D.). The oldest mention of the site is found on Yaxchilan's lintel 49, which gives the year 402 A.D. it is  also known that  Bonampak´s Lord Jaguar Knotted  Eye attended the enthronement  of Yaxchilan's tenth ruler in 512 A.D. 

The personage carved on lintel 4depicts Chaan Muan 1 or Sky  Bird Muan 1, ruler of Bonampak around 603A.D. Carved Stone 1mentions another ruler simply as Ahau (Lord) from  Bonampak ,forthe year 683A.D. 

The last and perhaps  most important ruler registered in Bonampak was Chaan Muan 2,who govermed from776A.D. This latter date is furthermore the site's latest and is found on the murals



Stela 4



Stela 2



This  small temple whose three rooms  are paintings by the murals. Painted around A.D. 800, these three rooms of paintings reveal, in astonishing detail, the ancient Maya at the end of their splendour, engaging in court rituals and human sacrifice, wearing elegant costumes and stripping the clothing from fallen captives, acknowledging foreign nobles and receiving abundant tribute. Costumes, musical instruments, and the weapons of war are all rendered with great detail, making Bonampak an unparalleled resource for understanding ancient society.



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